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We have over 15 different resources for learning Vietnamese, and we are adding more all the time!

Here are our current resources:

Vietnamese Text To Image - Enter the Vietnamese text and choose its font and size. You can then change the text and background colors. You can generate the image as PNG, PDF or JPEG. 

Type In Vietnamese - Use our online keyboard to type your text in Vietnamese. 

Vietnamese To Unicode - Convert from Vietnamese to Unicode and from Unicode to Vietnamese. Unicode is a system that allows text to be displayed online.

Numbers Into Vietnamese Numbers - Convert Arabic numerals into Vietnamese numbers. You can also convert Vietnamese numbers into Arabic numerals.

Change Vietnamese Text Orientation - Enter your Vietnamese text and the app will allow you to adjust its orientation, from right to left, top to bottom, or top to bottom and left to right. 

Count Vietnamese Text - Enter Vietnamese text and find out how many characters it contains. 

Convert Sentences Case Uppercase Lowercase  - This resource allows you to capitalize Vietnamese text and convert words into sentence case, all lowercase, or all uppercase.

Convert Vietnamese Txt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase - Capitalize Vietnamese text from a text (TXT) file.

Convert Vietnamese Srt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase - Capitalize Vietnamese text from a subtitles (SRT) file.

Vietnamese List Alphabetize - Enter your list in Vietnamese, and the app will put your items in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. You can choose whether this works based on horizontal or vertical principles. The app should keep the original formatting of your text. It can also keep all accents, special characters, etc.

Printable Vietnamese Worksheet Creators:

Vietnamese Number Bingo Sheet Creator - Create bingo worksheets with Vietnamese numbers. Enter a specific set of numbers using Arabic numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3) and you can test people's knowledge of written Vietnamese numbers.

Vietnamese Random Number Bingo Sheet Creator Create bingo worksheets with random Vietnamese numbers. Enter a range of numbers using Arabic numerals (e.g. 1-1000) and you can test knowledge of written Vietnamese numbers. The worksheet creator also offers the option for the numbers to appear in randomized locations on different sheets.

Vietnamese Sentence Fill In The Gap - Enter Vietnamese sentences then click on the words you would like students to be able to select later. The Vietnamese text will appear with gaps for the words to be entered and the words will appear at the end in a random order. You can choose how many pages to print with and without answers.

Vietnamese Sentence Create Empty Spaces - This app is designed to help you create Vietnamese worksheets in which you want students to input their own word. An example sentence would be: "I like going to the ___________ (place)". Here, students could fill in an answer for places where they like going. The app is very simple to use: you just select the word that you want to omit, and the app will create brackets around it and add an empty space before it.

Jumble Up Vietnamese Sentences - Change the order of sentences to create worksheets. You can choose how many pages to print with and without answers.

Vietnamese Word Bingo Sheet Creator - This resource is similar to our number bingo resource, but it works with Vietnamese words that you enter in advance. This is a great exercise for students to practice their listening skills. 

Vietnamese Word Scramble - Create worksheets with the order of characters in Vietnamese words changed. The app offers options for customizing the font, colour, size, etc. 

Vietnamese Words Search Creator - Create a word search for Vietnamese words. When you print it, you will have the option to print pages that show the answers and/or pages that do not. Please note that additional Vietnamese letters are added to the word search to make it extra hard.

Create Vietnamese Writing Sheets - Create different customizable Vietnamese writing sheets. There are many options for customization, such as font, size, paper, and how the words are repeated.

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