How to change digit numbers into Vietnamese numbers?

This converter is designed to help you convert common numbers into Vietnamese numbers. Vietnamese numbers can be very difficult to follow so this web app makes it easy.

You have several options:

  • Convert digit numbers (e.g. 12,423,232) to Vietnamese word numbers (e.g. mười hai triệu bốn trăm hai mươi ba nghìn hai trăm ba mươi hai)
  • Convert Vietnamese word numbers (mười một) to digit numbers (11)

Vietnamese word numbers can be difficult to understand, but they do follow the same pattern as English word numbers. Numbers eleven to twenty are constructed as multiple of ten plus the number. So eleven is "mười một" which "mườ" = 10 plus "một" = 6. Please note that these words are two separate words.

When dealing with multiples of ten, Vietnamese word numbers simply times the ten by the root number. So twenty is hai mươi, which is literally "two ten". It's a little different to English word numbers, but quite easy to understand. As with numbers 11 - 19, simply add the digit at the end so for example thirty two would be 'ba mười hai", which is "three ten two". This is the case for every number up to ninety nine.

The only exception is when using five, for example, thirty five or fifty five, when there is a very slight change. Although five is written as "năm" in Vietnamese, when added it to the end of a number it becomes "lăm", so fifty five would be written "năm mười lăm".

You'll soon be able to get to grips with Vietnamese word numbers with this resource.  We have lots of other resources for learning Vietnamese, including for creating learn Vietnamese worksheets. 


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